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Are You A General Contractor or a Roofer? Have you ever had to deal with an insurance company for your construction project? Did the insurance company cut your project cost?
Contact Us Learn how to stop losing thousands of dollars on every job We have organized a 1 day class where we will teach your sales force how:
To prepare for an adjuster meeting. How to properly handle damages when dealing with an insurance company. How to fully understand the insurance and adjusters process. How to identify key opportunities when dealing with an insurance company.
We use the class room setting to teach you principles and techniques, when dealing with insurance companies and adjusters at the end of the day you put it into practice. Increased revenue from the same work your doing now. Most companies say sell more, we want to help you sell more and make sure you capitalize on the sales/closings your doing now. Many Construction companies complain to insurance adjusters and their customers for several reasons. The following are two main complaints that we see and address in our course:
Why the roof budget or repair budget never seems to be enough to finish the job? Why does it take so long to get the check?
Most of the time the answer to both is the same. Its the lack of not knowing the process. Attend our 1 day class and start your return on investment. Register today Get Started
Contact Info: Citadel Consultants 336 McKee St Batavia, IL 60510 Office : 312-763-9680
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