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About Citadel Consultants Citadel Contractors was established to empower general contractors and roofers to be able to work with insurance claims and the insurance underwriters/adjusters on their construction jobs. This proves to benefit the insured for the insurance company and the contractor’s customer.
How do we do it? We use the class room setting to teach you principles and techniques, at the end of the day we put it into practice.
Increase on customer satisfaction. Improve preparation for every job. Less Repairs or call backs.
What are the benefits Citadel Contractors can bring to your business? Increased revenue from the same work your doing now. Most companies say sell more, we want to help you sell more and make sure you capitalize on the sales/closings your doing now Attend our 1 day class and start your return on investment. Register today Get Started
Contact Info: Citadel Consultants Chicago, IL 60634 Office : 312-763-9680
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